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Pre-Order Production & Fulfillment Status

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  • All designs completed, except Nobara OG, Gojo OG, and Inumaki OG do not have enough standard grades. Maki's OG and Vaporwave screenprint is also misaligned.
  • Remakes of mentioned pins are in progress as of 11/03.
  • Remakes of Nobara, Gojo, and Inumaki arrived 12/20.
  • Remakes of Maki arrived 1/05, currently grading.
  • All pre-orders fulfilled except for 10.
  • Customers have been emailed of their option to accept seconds for partial refund of $3 per affected pin, full refund per affected pin, or await remakes.
  • Pre-orders of Nobara, Gojo and Inumaki have been fulfilled 12/29.
  • Customers have been emailed of their option to accept first or second batch of Maki, or full refund as of 01/20.
TeniPuri CD Charm
  • In production as of 05/22
Hak Body Pillow Case
  • Pre-orders end July 1st
Tanabata CloTi & Zerith Enamel Pins
  • Pre-orders end July 7th